Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring..Easter Bonnets..and April Fools...

In your Easter bonnet

with all the frills upon it,

You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade..

Spring has sprung...and we are almost to Easter already! Lord, where does the time go? I at least have everything purchased for the Easter baksets ( peeps included!)...however; I need to figure out what the youngins are wearin to church..and that includes the sporting of the Easter bonnet! Which leads me to this next question...Does anyone know the origin of how they came to be? And, do you still partake in the grand fesitivies of wearing them? I can remember my most favorite Easter outfit like it was yesterday, and I believe I was about 8 or 9 years was powder blue, with a matching jacket, white gloves and white Easter bonnet...I felt like a little Jackie O at the time... =) ahhh...the memories of youth...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ballet Teresa and Barbie....

 This photo was recently taken in a Louisiana Walmart. It seems as though Ballet Teresa here has been discounted to half of her price of her counterpart, Ballet Barbie. Why you may ask, is this a big deal....Walmart is just trying to hit their's called inventory management. So, this led me to we literally look at everything as color and race, or is this truly a major ordeal? I went to the website, and also found this Superstar Barbie on clearance for $3.00....I also got to pondering about the dolls my daughter plays with...I still have yet to find that perfect doll for her, even among the "mixed" dolls, there still seems to be the usual my quest continues...and as for my daughter: i noticed that she has a fair share of the rainbow coalition in her Barbie line-up...and she plays with all of them: even those with missing limbs...and haircuts...=)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Freaknik: The Musical.....umm...seriously...

So...did anyone tune in on Sunday to watch Freaknik: The Musical? It did afterall feature an all star cast....T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Big Boi.....It sure seemed to capture a lot of attention and backlash.....especially from Steve Harvey. Yes, it was directed towards adults... and it was given a Sunday night time slot, and put on Cartoon Network's Adult swim channel...

So, what's the 411 behind all of this hoopla?
I have been reading all of the posts and reviews out there, thanks to all of you i have an idea of what to expect, but's like a bad train wreck....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So as we all know...Tiger has come full circle and admitted to his "transgressions." Yes, his private life is indeed private, but if you are dumb enough to give your phone number out to cocktail waitresses in Vegas, then I'm gonna call you out on it..Apparently what happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas So, that brings me to this ephiphany and food to chew on for the day:
"If you had a choice between a faithful and modest ( income) husband or a husband who was wealthy, and money was no object ( and I mean you do not have to work, and you aren't shopping at Target everday thinking this is the life...kinda wealthy) which would you choose?

Shout it out Ladies.....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stay at Home Working Mom

It took me many tries to log in to my blogger has been so long since I have logged in , that the ghosts of passwords past was haunting me. Nonetheless, here I am, and where has the time gone? Since I have last posted, I have been promoted, had my daughter formally start kindergarten, had a baby, and then had my job "restructured", thus offering me a position from the comforts of my own here I am America....back from the blogging much has happened that I could either spend an eternity talking about spilled milk..or picking up where I left off...which is exactly what I plan on Cheers...and hello 2009...

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's been awhile!!!

I feel as though i have abandoned my blog :( It has been way too long since my last post, and so much has taken place since then, that it would take me weeks to get caught back up! So , why not pick up where I left off....

Well, I survived NYC! Our Convention was great, and what little I saw of the city was fantastic. I worked 12 hour days, and being way pregnant, that pretty much started and ended my day. We stayed at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, so my room view was amazing!!!( That pic was what my room overlooked!) Even though I was tired as could be, I still got to go back to my room every night and check out this view. I did get out and walk around Times Square, and visited the staple touristy spots: Hershey's , M&M store, all the gift shops, and I ate a hot dog from a street vendor :) ( which the baby loved! I saw Central Park on the way to the outing we had, it looked nice from the bus. I had to chaperone 140 kids at the Natural History Museum: which was crazy. I ate at Roxy's Deli and Carmine's- which was fab! I think the scariest part was the taxi ride to the airport. I white knuckled it the whole way. Overall, it was a great time, but I have to go back when I actually get to see the city.

I will be returning to posting more frequently now that I am back into the check us out! It's great to be back!!! Chow!

Monday, July 28, 2008

BGS Headed for the Big Apple

Sorry i have been M.I.A. lately; work has been beyond hectic, and there is not enough time in my day for everything! A girl needs her sleep :) I will be headed for NYC this week, and will not be able to post until next week....but don't worry, my journey will provide some wonderful feed :) It's a work function that brings me there, so everything is pretty much free :) I Love NY!!! Chow!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Janitor reads historical book on KKK...

This was an interesting story out of Indiana University. A 58 year 0ld white janitor who is majoring in Communications was accused of racial harassment over reading a historical book entitled "Notre Dame vs. the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan." ...."The book's cover features white-robed Klansman and burning crosses against a backdrop of Notre Dame's campus. It recounts a 1924 riot between Notre Dame students and the Klan in which the students from the Catholic university prevailed."

Kevin Sampson said he tried to explain that the book was a historical account.
"I have an interest in American history," Sampson said. "I was trying to educate myself." The school's officials compared his bringing this book to work as the likes of bringing pornography to work. "You used extremely poor judgment by insisting on openly reading the book related to a historically and racially abhorrent subject in the presence of your black co-workers," Lillian Charleston wrote in a letter to Sampson.

Civil liberties groups and bloggers who took up his cause said Sampson had been wrongly cited for reading a book that is carried by the school's library. "I am sure you see the absurdity of a university threatening an employee with discipline for reading a scholarly work that deals with the efforts of Notre Dame students in the 1920s to fight the KKK," American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana attorney Ken Falk said in a letter to a university lawyer.

The university responded with an April letter to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the ACLU, in which Chancellor Bantz said that he regretted what had happened and that the letters written to Sampson were not in his personnel file.
But Bantz didn't apologize to Sampson until last week, after a column in The Wall Street Journal sparked renewed criticism. Bantz also wrote to the others involved in the incident, including the co-worker who filed the complaint, said university spokesman Rich Schneider.

Sampson, who still works for the school, said that he accepts the university's apology but that he was hurt by the allegations and has not enjoyed being in the spotlight.
"It's really frustrating for me because I am not the kind of person that they were painting me as," he said.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Books featuring Biracial Kids and Families

I am always on the search for books, magazines or movies that feature biracial children or families. It's hard to find dolls, let alone books that represent a biracial or multiracial background. I have recently stumbled upon several that are wonderful and deserve some recognition! Enjoy!
The pattern on a young girl's quilt comes to life at night and becomes the backdrop for her dream. Although the artist rarely depicts adults in her picture books, she most likely used her own biracial (African-American/white) daughters as models for the children in her books (all published by Greenwillow) which include: Holes and Peeks (1984), The Trek (1985), Now We Can Go (1986) and Where Can It Be? (1985).

A small boy and his sister like it when Daddy's adult sister comes to live with them. The aunt (who is white) finds a place in this happy biracial family: she plays the trumpet and gives the boy and girl lessons. She splashes with them in the biggest puddles. Daddy paints her picture. She helps Mama with her weaving, and they laugh together and listen to the radio. But sometimes the aunt is sad and stares out the window all day. She misses her home, Mama says. Soman's pictures in watercolor and pastel are fresh with the summer greens and flowers of this comfortable house in the country. Words and portraits of the casual, funny young woman are affectionate and poignant, true to the child's viewpoint. Many kids will relate to the story of an adult they love but whose sadness they can't fully understand.

The middle child in a interracial (black/white) English family compares herself to her siblings, speaking matter-of-factly about differences in skin color.

There are two Mrs. Gibsons in this young girl's life, and she remembers both of them lovingly.The older Mrs. Gibson has skin the color of chocolate, big hands, and a big voice, and she gives big, fat hugs. The younger Mrs. Gibson has skin the color of vanilla, writes Japanese, and cooks the family food from her homeland. It is not until the end of the book that readers discover that the first Mrs. Gibson is the girl's grandmother, while the second is her mother. This probably will be a surprise to those too young to figure out the relationship, but even without that pertinent bit of information, children should enjoy getting to know these women. The story does get repetitious at times; however, sturdy, detail-filled paintings will help hold attention. An author's note tells readers that this is Igus' personal story.

A biracial (African-American/white) girl helps out in her family's bakery on Christmas Eve.

The narrator enumerates qualities inherited from her parents--a face that's ``a little dark, a little light,'' somewhere between Mama's ``chestnut brown'' and Papa's fair skin; hair that's ``halfway in-between'' blond and black A mixed-race child celebrates the rich inclusiveness of her life in a joyful picture book. "Just right!" Each double-page-spread shows how members of the family are individuals with likes and dislikes, hobbies and habits that move beyond stereotype. Mom orders vegetarian; Dad orders ribs and bagels; the child likes it all. Mom does ballet; Dad dances to rap. Mom likes African masks; Dad goes for modern art; the child loves the Egyptian part of the museum. Each page has a rhyming refrain that ends, "just right". In keeping with the upbeat text, Trivas' energetic illustrations are full of movement and affection.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ethnically "Diverse" Show

Ok, so it looks like FOX has tired of the constant criticism for its lack of diversity in its line-up of TV shows and cartoons. Not to worry, we will be getting a spin-off of the Family Guy, (which I have yet to view, not particularly my forte) to debut in 2009. It does feature an all star cast set to play the character's voices: Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long and Kevin Michael Richardson. However, the real debacle is the voice of the lead character: Cleveland Brown, whose voiced by a white actor. It will also feature what they consider to be a "colorblind role" which will feature Kevin Michael Richardson as a "redneck." Hmm...not sure where they are headed with all of this? Our only hope is that this particular satire doesn't miss the mark as the New Yorker did with's only funny when the underlying theme is understood as a whole by a majority of the people, not just a handful.