Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baller on a Budget

It seems that unless your Oprah or Bill Gates, the rising cost of gas, food, and other commidities will have you re-thinking your budget. In our family, we try and watch our spending by eating out with our Entertainment Book, which will typically give you 50% off one entree, or buy an entree and get one free. We go to movies at the local dollar theater, and subscribe to Netflix, where we get a great rate for unlimited movie rentals per month. We also make frequent trips to the local library, which is a great resource for books, cd's and movies, all for free!

Check out these sites for a few extra ways to save your money! coupons, tips and ideas on how to save money at the store! start keeping track of your coupons it's one big garage sale...and a whole lot more i only shop the's 75% off, and a great way to update your home without breaking the bank they have a great assortment of everything, plus shipping is always cheap if you have a teen that was born to shop...fab consignment store Once Upon a Child stores carry everything from baby gear, kids clothes, and maternity i cherish our membership and if you plan on traveling, they have wonderful deals on family vacations.