Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mixed Families....Different but the Same

What a great weekend! Even though it's about to be Monday soon, at least I am comforted by the thoughts of a short work week, thanks to July 4th. Add that to my doctor's appt. on Thurs., and we are sittin' pretty with a 3.5 day work week! Yeah!!

This weekend we had a bday party to attend for our good friends' 2 year old twins, who are absolutely adorable. It was wonderful to see a lot of our friends there, we always have a great time hanging out within our "circle of friends." As a few of my gal pals and I were sitting around the table chatting about life, kids, and marriage, it was brought to our attention that all of us are in some type of "mixed" marriage; resulting in at least one child. It's so ironic that within this close knit group of friends, that race or color is or has never been a focal point or issue. It brings me to the phrase..."Different but the Same." Because that is what we represent: black, brown, white, and the spectrum between, different cultures, backgrounds and races. We are a sacrament to the American Melting Pot. What makes this group so different than anybody else?
We all are hardworking, caring, dependable, loyal, respectful, funny (well, maybe not everyone.. :) honorable and dedicated to our families. Wait a minute, where exactly is the difference? ...... Point in case...we're not. What's different: color, race, ethnicity and backgrounds. And that my friends is the beauty of friendship, bringing together differences and similarities. The yin and yang of life. Chow!