Thursday, June 19, 2008

Get Out of Our BED!!!

Rule 1: If you plan on having your child sleep in your bed as a baby; then be prepared to suffer the consequences

Yes, we have been sleeping with our now 4 year old daughter in our bed since she has been a baby. I think she slept in her crib twice in infancy, and in our bed ever since then. She never wants to leave. We are desperate to move her out into her own bed, but she wants NOTHING to do with it. Why would she? She is going from a plush queen size bed, into a toddler bed. I know what you’re thinking….sex life? Ummm…not always good for it, she takes the bed OVER! One of us always ends up on the couch, which usually is my husband. I keep telling myself that “one day she will want to sleep in her room.” I’m open to suggestions! Chow!


I would LOVE to hear from other families that are also raising biracial or multi-racial children. What are your stories? Chow!

What’s the Word

It’s finally Hump-day! Thank God! We have been doing an incredible amount of swimming over the last few days, and my daughter is golden brown. She held up her arm the other night, and said: “Look mom, you’re red, and I’m tan.” She thought that was hysterical. I totally burned like bacon in this heat. That’s one of the first references to color that she has made. In her mind, she refers to herself as “tan.” We haven’t had any significant discussions about race yet. We like to point out that she is a beautiful mix of both mommy and daddy, so we will see if that resonates for awhile :)

Rockin the Pink Shades

Enjoying the sun in AZ! We definitely have to wear our shades here! We Love Pink :)

Go Tiger!!!

anyone who was fortunate enough to watch the sudden death match yesterday: All Ive got to say is: WOW!! That was really incredible. Go Tiger Woods! If that isn’t a terrific role-model for other young mulit-racial kids, than I can’t help ya! That is one for the record books. My daughter is showing some interest in golf as well. Still undecided on which way to stear her, as she loves swimming, soccer, and softball also. Who knows, maybe she will be the female version of Bo Jackson. She also LOVES to cook. Besides the discovery channel for kids, she is an avid viewer of the foodnetwork. She has quite eclectic taste for a 4 year old. Her faves? Meatballs, spaghetti, broccoli, and strawberries, and smoked salmon. Check out our recipe section for family friendly,quick meals. What sports does your child play, and did you have any influence on them? Sound-off!! Chow!


The frustration behind checking the infamous box of : race. I recently just registered my daughter for kindergarten, and of course in the paperwork, you must check race. I decided to choose black and white; being that that’s what my daughter is. When the administrator was going over the paperwork, she immediately told me that I had to pick just one. I am not allowed to check both. I should have known better, but how can you deny one parent completely? I ended up check marking black, but leaving the office feeling very disheartened. It was like i didn’t even exist. I’m sorry ma’am, but she can be only one race, even if you did carry her for 9 months. When will we ever catch up to the 21st century?

MSNBC Article A great article to read when you have a moment. Finally, an article that is shedding some light on mixed families.

BrownGirl Byte

BrownGirlSpeak… What does it mean? A voice, a thought, a passion; a…. Long Time Coming. This blog is dedicated to ALL racially and ethnically diverse or “mixed” girls who are BrownGirlSpeak; it is a forum that is open to all parents who are raising a beautiful brown girl, and the joys and challenges that we as parents face in today’s world.