Thursday, June 19, 2008


The frustration behind checking the infamous box of : race. I recently just registered my daughter for kindergarten, and of course in the paperwork, you must check race. I decided to choose black and white; being that that’s what my daughter is. When the administrator was going over the paperwork, she immediately told me that I had to pick just one. I am not allowed to check both. I should have known better, but how can you deny one parent completely? I ended up check marking black, but leaving the office feeling very disheartened. It was like i didn’t even exist. I’m sorry ma’am, but she can be only one race, even if you did carry her for 9 months. When will we ever catch up to the 21st century?

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Laura said...

I know this is a year later comment, but since I just found your blog...

My best friend had the exact same story. Kindergarten, check only 1 box. She refused and checked 'black' and 'white'. They sent the application back to her 'DENIED' because it wasn't filled out correctly. She had to choose 1 race.

So, she chose 1 race. She marked 'Pacific Islander'. She decided she would just keep changing it every year.