Thursday, June 19, 2008

Get Out of Our BED!!!

Rule 1: If you plan on having your child sleep in your bed as a baby; then be prepared to suffer the consequences

Yes, we have been sleeping with our now 4 year old daughter in our bed since she has been a baby. I think she slept in her crib twice in infancy, and in our bed ever since then. She never wants to leave. We are desperate to move her out into her own bed, but she wants NOTHING to do with it. Why would she? She is going from a plush queen size bed, into a toddler bed. I know what you’re thinking….sex life? Ummm…not always good for it, she takes the bed OVER! One of us always ends up on the couch, which usually is my husband. I keep telling myself that “one day she will want to sleep in her room.” I’m open to suggestions! Chow!

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