Thursday, June 19, 2008

Go Tiger!!!

anyone who was fortunate enough to watch the sudden death match yesterday: All Ive got to say is: WOW!! That was really incredible. Go Tiger Woods! If that isn’t a terrific role-model for other young mulit-racial kids, than I can’t help ya! That is one for the record books. My daughter is showing some interest in golf as well. Still undecided on which way to stear her, as she loves swimming, soccer, and softball also. Who knows, maybe she will be the female version of Bo Jackson. She also LOVES to cook. Besides the discovery channel for kids, she is an avid viewer of the foodnetwork. She has quite eclectic taste for a 4 year old. Her faves? Meatballs, spaghetti, broccoli, and strawberries, and smoked salmon. Check out our recipe section for family friendly,quick meals. What sports does your child play, and did you have any influence on them? Sound-off!! Chow!

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Nascar Momma said...

This is definitely a TIGERETTE in the making!!! I see it in her form already!!! When she MAKES IT BIG she can buy her parents and GRANDPARENTS a house just like TIGER WOODS HAS NOW!!!