Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Top 10 Hair Care Products....

This question seems to be one that is always at the forefront of not only having biracial children, but having friends who also have biracial or multiracial children...which for us, is just about everyone in our "circle" of friends. That one topic being: what products are you using? So here is my list of my top ten faves....

The heat is on....and just not in the kitchen ( or bedroom...) These 10 beauty faves are ready to help any mom and child through the toughest dog days of summer...Humidity included!

1. Ojon Shine & Protect Shampoo

fyi....a little pricey, but worth the investment (ps- don't skip the conditioner)

2. Shiseido....Refreshing Sun Protection Spray SPF 16+

fyi....this baby also doubles as sunscreen...twice the product for half the price

3. Tui Herbal Shampoo (Carol's Daughter)

fyi.... this shampoo smells so good, it's like aromatherapy in a bottle

4. Khoret AmenHair Smoothie (Carol's Daughter)

fyi....if your little one suffers from tangles, this is the BEST de-tangler out there!

5. Summer Hair Sun Bandana ( Frederic Fekkai)

fyi...great addition to throw into your beach bag...don't leave home without it!

6. Curly Cake Shake (Blended Beauty)

fyi...you can even use this product on dry hair...and poof: the curls bounce back

7. Mixed Chicks...Trio

fyi...save some money and order the trio....you won't be sorry!

8. Aveda
fyi...detox your hair....organically

9. Bumble and Bumble
fyi...Creme de Coco...chocolate for your hair...you'll want to eat it

10. Dove Moisture Therapy 2 in 1
fyi...two great features in one bottle...for half the price

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