Thursday, July 10, 2008

Biracial Best Friends

I have spent a lot of time pondering how our daughter will respond to her first day of kindergarten. She seems to get the general understanding of what lies ahead...but I can't help but be a little skeptical. Her very best friend in the world is a little girl in her class that is also biracial. Our daughter and her act as though they are old lost souls. I always wondered what drew them together. They have a large class filled with many diverse kids, but they have a connection that is unbreakable. Lately, our daughter has been wondering why her friend will not be coming along on the journey to her "new school." Her eyes fill up with tears, and she seems lost when I try and explain to her that she will be able to make new friends. While I know that we will always stay in touch with her best friend; I am praying that her new class will be just as diverse as her preschool, and that there will be at least another little girl who our daughter will be able to relate to. As we watch her grow, a new sense of reality is starting to set in and realize soon enough the challenges of what lies ahead.

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Ms. Labyzon said...

I felt compelled to respond to this. I am a 27 year old "biracial kid" and my best friend in the world is also biracial. We met at ballet around the age of four. She did not go to the same elementary school as I but still to this day we are best friends. We have gotten through some of the best and worst times together. She even moved away (we're talking from east to west coast) when we were in middle school and we still kept in touch. Mostly because we had such shared experiences but also because our mothers were great friends too. We went on several vacations together at least once a year, and (sans mothers) we still do. We try to get together at least once a year and even though we dont talk as much when we get together for our vacation time we pick up just where we left off. This could be the begginning of a life long friendship for your daughter. Despite their seperation at school. Encourage the continuation of this friendship. I have been blessed with an abundance of friendships in my life but none as valuable as the one of I began 23 years ago with the little girl that looked like me in my ballet class!!