Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jacquelyn Johnson...BGS Girl of the Month

A big congrats to our first BGS Girl of the Month.

Name: Jacquelyn Johnson

Brief Bio: A four time NCAA heptathlon champion from Arizona State University; she has qualified to go to Bejing on this year's 2008 Olympic Track & Field Team.

Fun Fact: She loves chicken parmesan from the Olive Garden; and eats it at least one time during the week of her meet.


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I've never heard of Jacquelyn Johnson. Thanks for enlightening me! :-)

Great blog! I'll be back!

browngirlspeak said...

I hadn't heard about Jacquelyn Johnson either until I watched the Olympic Trials last weekend. She is Amazing! After watching her, I felt like I should get up and go work out! She will be a force to reckon with in Bejing! Thanks for stopping by! Keep blogging!